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'First Lady table ware' a hit in Hangzhou

2016-09-08 11:11

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'First Lady table ware' a hit in Hangzhou

The table wares are glazed in "West Lake blue" and decorated with yellow floral patterns. [Photo/IC]

The table wares used by G20 leaders' wives at a luncheon during the recently-concluded summit are on display in Hangzhou city, becoming an immediate hit among visitors and locals.

The table wares, called "West Lake Prosperous Blue Peony" ("西湖蓝筋囊富贵牡丹图" in Chinese), consist of 35 items for each set, including cold-dish plate, soup cup and bowls. With delicate yellow floral patterns painted on the light blue background, the porcelain wares deliver a strong sense of elegance and grace.

Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan held a luncheon for her counterparts from G20 member countries at Lou Wai Lou, a well-known restaurant with 160 years of history in Hangzhou, on September 5. The porcelain table wares were tailor-made for the event.

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