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The Bard's sonnets find another chance in China

Updated: 2016-04-27 16:28
By Mei Jia (chinadaily.com.cn)

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A glimpse at Ye Xiumin's Chinese to English translation:

Bidding Another Farewell to Cambridge, by Xu Zhimo

In light steps I leave, just as in light steps I came by,

With a gentle wave, to clouds in western sky I bid goodbye.

At the river bank, the willowes are gold,

With beautiful reflections seizing my attention,

They are brides the setting sun in his embraces holds.

At the bottom of the river I behold with pleasure,

Swaying on the sludge, floating-hearts are in leisure,

How I wish in the gentle waves of Cambridge,

A swaying waterweed I could be oblidged.

In the shadow of the elm trees, float not the river,

But rainbow of Kingdom Forever,

Shattered by duckweeds afloat,

Oh isn't it a dream in colorful coat?

Should I go dream hunting then,

Punting upstream towards a greener land,

In a boat full of starlit splendour,

With songs flattering this night of wonder?

But tonight I have to play a silent attendant,

While hush plays a farewell tune to his heart's content.

Even summer insects turn dumb to keep my company,

Cambridge tonight is acquainted with silence in harmony.

In light steps I leave, as in light steps I came by,

With a gentle wave, I bid farewell to all those clouds in the sky.

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