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Imperial kiln wares reflect taste of famous emperors

2014-10-28 06:55

By (Chinaculture.org)

Imperial kiln wares reflect taste of famous emperors

A very rare and fine ruby-back small bowl from the Yongzheng period [Photo/ english.cguardian.com]

Yongzheng Emperor, who was a hard-working ruler like his father Kangxi Emperor, continued an era of peace and prosperity during the Qing Dynasty. His reign was known as strict, efficient, and vigorous, the same as his imperial kiln wares featuring the highest quality. Since Yongzheng Emperor was a very rigorous man with good taste, the Imperial kiln ware during his reign had a reputation for being flawless, with an elegant shape and charming color. The color of the small bowl above, called "rouge red", was a typical color during the era of Yongzheng Imperial porcelain. This bowl sold for 5,290,000 RBM at the China Guardian 2011 Spring Actions.