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People who stayed on the job during Spring Festival

2017-02-02 06:56

By (China Daily)

People who stayed on the job during Spring Festival

Chen Hui says he wants to make up to his family during his leave. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Officer proud of keeping others safe

Chen Hui, a traffic policeman in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, said he worked all seven days of the Spring Festival holiday.

Like many others working in the public sector, this has been the case for most years since he became a traffic police officer in 2005.

His work during the holiday mainly involves directing traffic as well as preventing and dealing with traffic jams, traffic accidents and dangerous driving.

He said his work hours run from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, but he needs to stay on call at all times and be on duty whenever a call comes.

The officer said he is OK with staying on duty while most other people are able to take a break and enjoy the traditional Chinese festivities, except for the fact that he is not able to spend more time with his parents, wife and son.

Chen said his wife, who also works in the local traffic police force, looks after their family when he is away.

"Sometimes I get home from work late at night and wake my family from sleep. ... The only way I can make it up to them is to take a leave and stay with them when I am not assigned with tasks," he said.

But the man takes pride in his mission.

"As a policeman, it is my duty to guard people's safety. I will and must stay on my post to help others get home safe and sound for the Spring Festival family reunion," he said.

Yang Jie in Fuzhou contributed to this story.