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Graft confessions

Updated: 2016-10-19 07:15
(China Daily)

"I deeply regret my actions. As a Party chief trained and educated by the Communist Party of China for so many years, how could I become such (a corrupt official)? I caused huge damage to the Party."

Graft confessions

Bai Enpei, 70, former deputy head of the Environment and Resources Protection Committee of the National People's Congress

Bai was convicted of illegally amassing more than 247 million yuan ($37 million) in assets and sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve.

According to the recent TV documentary Always on the Road, released by the anti-graft authority, his wife operated as a go-between in soliciting bribes from business people, especially real estate developers who sought land in Yunnan province, where he served as Party chief. One of gifts included a jade bracelet worth 15 million yuan, which was given to Bai after he granted land to a real-estate developer in Kunming. A number of such bracelets were found at Bai's residence, where it took disciplinary officials more than 10 days to count gifts.

"I never expected I would have such an ending. I was brought up in a poor family and endured a lot of hardships since childhood. I hated corrupt officials since I was young, but I became one in the end. It's just so sad."

Graft confessions

Zhou Benshun, 63, former top official of Hebei province

Zhou was placed under investigation of corruption charges in October. No detailed information is available about the value of bribes he obtained.

The documentary showed that Zhou redecorated a two-story government building in a military compound in Hebei province and used it as his home. He hired a caretaker for his pets, and after his pet tortoise died at home, Zhou had Buddhist Sutras transcribed, burying the transcriptions with the tortoise. Zhou confessed in the first episode of the TV series to failing to discipline his children and using his power to help his son's business. Zhou's wife, Duan Yanqiu, and his son, Zhou Jing, were also placed under investigation.

"Life is like a live broadcast. There's no way of rewinding time. Everyone has to be responsible for his or her behavior. That's the rule."

Graft confessions

Li Chuncheng, 60, former deputy Party chief in Sichuan province

Li was given a 13-year jail term last year for illegally obtaining nearly 40 million yuan from 1999 to 2012.

In the first episode of the documentary, he confessed to ignoring the Party's code of conduct and deviating from the correct path.

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