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Everything you always want to know about Macao

2016-10-12 08:26

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

Everything you always want to know about Macao

Night view of the Venetian Macao Resort on the Cotai Stripe in Macao. [Photo/IC]


Macao is situated in a subtropical zone, with the Asian continent to the north and a wide tropical sea to the south. In winter, Macao experiences a north wind, cold and dry weather and low rainfall, due to a cold continental high-pressure system at medium and high latitudes. In summer, Macao is mainly subjected to southwesterly winds, hot and wet weather and heavy rainfall, due to the influence of oceanic tropical weather systems.

Macao has an average annual temperature of 22.6ºC. The coolest month is January, when it averages 15.1ºC. Most years, Macao has a short, cold weather period when temperatures fall below 5ºC. The average monthly temperature exceeds 22ºC during seven months of the year.

Macao is frequently hit by typhoons. The typhoon season starts in May and ends in October, with July and August as its peak period.