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Respect, protect nature during development: Xi

Updated: 2016-08-25 06:46

Respect, protect nature during development: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping poses for a group photo with villagers in a village of Wushi Township of Huzhu Tu Autonomous County in Haidong, Qinghai province, Aug 23, 2016. [Photo/Xinhua]


At newly-built Banyan Village in Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Xi met families relocated from another area.

In the new house of a Tu ethnic family, Xi watched a video of the old village where they had lived and said that relocation is an effective way to relieve poverty.

He stressed the importance of listening to what the villagers want and letting them participate in planning their new villages.

"The building of new villages should be integrated with measures to promote production and employment, improve basic public services and protect ethnic, regional and cultural features and styles," Xi said.

Poverty relief is not easy, Xi said, urging party and government officials at all levels to be firm and precise in their efforts to help people shake off poverty.

"Ethnic unity is a lifeline for people of all ethnic groups," Xi said, calling for guiding people of various ethnic groups to live with each other in harmony, maintain solidarity and seek progress together.

On religious affairs, Xi said efforts should be made to guide religions to adapt to socialism with Chinese characteristics and make religions in the country follow a sinicized direction.

Xi urged Party organizations at all levels to strictly follow the rules in all circumstances, with leading officials setting the example for others.

During the visit, Xi, who is chairman of the Central Military Commission, also met with military officers stationed in Qinghai.

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