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Revisiting history: Devastating floods of 1998

2016-07-11 11:36

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

Revisiting history: Devastating floods of 1998

A man transport his grandchildren through a flooded alley with a raft in Wuchang, Central China's Hubei province, July 23, 1998. Residents in Wuchang, part of the Yangtze River metropolis of Wuhan, have been struggling to mop up after three days of floods inundated their homes. [Photo/VCG]

Data points to the country experiencing its worst flooding in 20 years. As of June 29, 230 rivers were flooded, the most during flood season since 2000. The average level of precipitation nationwide has been 5 percent higher than the same time in 1998, when China was hit with devastating flooding.

What happened in the massive flooding in the summer of 1998 may be engraved on the hearts and minds of the seniors, but for those young people who have a vogue memory of the 1998 floods, these images could help them revisit history.

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