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Evaluation Commission Report for Beijing 2022 published

Updated: 2015-06-01 22:54
(Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee)

Evaluation Commission Report for Beijing 2022 published

Beijing 2022 bid confirmed to embody the spirit of the Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms, with world-class existing venues andconsidered budget in addition to tremendous commercial potential

Beijing, June 1–The Beijing 2022 Bid Committee today welcomed the first report from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission under Olympic Agenda 2020, which underlines the assured Games delivery and huge winter sport potential of Beijing 2022.

The report has confirmed that Beijing 2022 has the key elements in place to stagea highly successful Olympic Winter Games in 2022. It recognized the significant impact that the Beijing 2008 Games had on the city and the opportunity for the Bid to capitalize on the experience and expertise gained from hosting the 2008 Beijing Games and the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, which "has benefitted the 2022 bid and would benefit a 2022 Beijing Games across many operational areas."

Wang Anshun, Mayor of Beijing and President of the Beijing 2022 Bid Committee, said:

"Our strong desire to host an excellent Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2022 has received a significant boost from today's IOC Evaluation Commission report, which recognizes the Bid's strengths, including world-class sports venues and infrastructure with identified legacy use, huge market potential, tremendous public and government support, legacy plan closely linked to regional economic development plan and strategy to develop winter sports and related industry.

"The report and our dialogue with the IOC over recent weeks have been highly valuable given our commitment to review any areas where we can make additional improvements, building on our strong bid to ensure it is truly the best offer we can make to the Olympic movement."

The report was released by the IOC Evaluation Commission follows its visit to Beijing and Zhangjiakou in March 2015 and provides a technical assessment of the 14 themes included within the bid's Candidature File.

The IOC Evaluation Commission, led by Alexander Zhukov, IOC member and President of the Russian Olympic Committee, highlighted a number of areas in the Beijing 2022 plans as being particularly strong, including:

Assured delivery based on maximum use of strong existinghosting assets, including venues, infrastructure (such as transport, accommodation and media facilities) and human capital.This will provide for a more sustainable and economical Games, embracing the Olympic Agenda 2020 spirit and goals. The report highlighted that Beijing 2022 has robust plans in place for post-Games use of all the existing and new venues.

Full governmentsupportandsignificantly high public support for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games was noted within the IOC Evaluation Commission report, which unveiled the results of an independent survey carried out by the IOC. 92% of Chinese residents nation-wide, 88% of the Beijing residents and 93% of the Hebei province (Zhangjiakou, Beijing and Tianjin) residents support the Beijing 2022 Bid. The figures are very close to the results of a survey that Beijing 2022 carried out in early 2014, confirming that hosting a Winter Games is the shared aspiration of the Chinese people who, in 2008, were key to delivering a truly exceptional Summer Olympic Games to the world.

A strong national government supported pledge to increase participation in winter sports and establish a fully year-round sports tradition. Beijing 2022was noted to offer the Olympic Movement a huge opportunity to grow winter sports in one of the world's largest markets, further spreading the Olympic values among more than 300 million local residents - and beyond.

A truly sustainable Games concept. Based on existing and on-going programmes with clear objectives and budgets,preparations for the Beijing 2022 Games are expected to further boost the economic development of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sport, Culture and Tourism Belt.

Delivery certainty due to a stable, resilient and diversified Chinese economy,supporting strong financial guarantees and huge marketing potential around a Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.Given the sizable market and huge growth potential, it is strongly believed to be an achievable goal with the opportunity for Beijing 2022's marketing partners to benefit with a strong return on investment.

Truly memorable and unique Games setting. Beijing's quick and efficient transportation, world-class hotels, cosmopolitan cuisine and spectacular sightseeing will provide for a truly joyful Games experience where the Olympic Family and spectators would be able to enjoy winter sports scenery and the drive of a modern cosmopolitan city all in one day, with stunning views of the Great Wall providing for a unique setting for snow competitions and the Chinese New Year celebrations being the perfect timing to discover China's millennial traditions.

The IOC Evaluation Commission report serves as a good platform for the detailed technical presentation that Beijing 2022 is set to deliver in front of all IOC members in Lausanne later this month.

Mayor Wang said:

"We thank the IOC Evaluation Commission for their detailed review of our Bid, which reflects the open and productive dialogue that we experienced with the Evaluation Commission members throughout their visit to Beijing and Zhangjiakou.This new process has been shown to be highly beneficial and we have enjoyed thetwo-way consultation spirit provided by the Olympic Agenda 2020.

"It has been a boost for our bid that the IOC Evaluation Commission has praised our work in the areas that we consider central for our Bid, such as our focus on athletes, sustainability and cost-efficiency.

"Between now and the Host City Election, Beijing 2022 will focus on continuing to listen to the IOC, while explaining the strengths of our bid and transformativemutual benefits that awarding the Games to Beijing would bring."

A high-level delegation of senior Beijing 2022 officials is set to travel to Lausanne for the 2022 Candidate City Briefing on June 9-10. The 2022 Olympic Winter Games Host City Election will be held on July 31 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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