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Call for rule of law

Updated: 2014-10-21 17:03

Editor's note: For the first time, the rule of law has been adopted as a major topic by a plenary session of the CPC Central Committee.

The Fourth Plenum of the 18 th Central Committee of the CPC, which lasts from Oct 20 to Oct 23, will focus on a draft decision covering "major issues concerning comprehensively advancing the rule of law".

Indeed, the rule of law is badly needed to create a fairer environment for the citizens and sustain the country's rapid development during the past decades.

Here are the voices of those who may have a deeper understanding of the necessity of law for China and the preciousness of justice.


Call for rule of law

Sun Lusong's son, Sun Zhigang, was beaten to death by eight patients at a penitentiary hospital just hours after being arrested as a vagrant for not carrying ID in 2003. His death had triggered a major debate on the validity of the holding system and the two-decade-old measures for Internment and Deportation of Urban Vagrants and Beggars.[Photo/IC]

Read more on Sun Zhigang.


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