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All eyes on White Cane Safety Day

2014-10-15 09:48

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

In an effort to promote understanding of blindness and visual handicap, International White Cane Safety Day was established in 1970 to be held each year on October 15. The goal of the annual event, which was observed by activities across China, is to raise awareness and help people learn about the white cane as a mobility aid.

As the event showed, many blind and visually impaired people enjoy lives rich with possibilities.

All eyes on White Cane Safety Day
A player on the Qingdao blind soccer team holds a ball during a game in Qingdao on Oct 10, 2012. The players are adept at listening to each other for the direction of the football. The Qingdao team is the first soccer team for the blind in China. [Photo/IC]

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