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Army 'must support call for reform'

Updated: 2014-08-12 08:17
By Xinhua ( China Daily)

Enhancing military capability to fight and win battles a major goal

The People's Liberation Army and armed police have been urged to support and implement wide-ranging reforms to the defense system and armed forces that are critical to improving the military's war capacity.

The PLA General Political Department has issued a circular on the issue, urging the military and armed police to contribute to the reforms, according to a report in Monday's PLA Daily.

It said soldiers and officers should carefully study and implement the policies and directives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Military Commission and its Chairman Xi Jinping.

The military should understand that the reforms are needed to ensure the army is capable of fighting and winning in modern warfare, to break current constraints on military development and to increase military preparedness, the report said, quoting the circular.

"The absolute leadership by the CPC over the armed forces must be upheld," said the circular, adding that the reforms should be carried out without prejudice to the army's original nature and purpose.

The circular stressed that the military reforms should focus on enhancing the army's capability to fight and win battles.

Special efforts should be made to reform the system of command, optimize the army's size and structure and more closely integrate the army with civilians.

The document warned that the overhaul may touch on deep-seated interests and structural problems in the national defense and military systems.

"Individuals should be amenable to the comprehensive interests of the entire army and adapt to the changes," the circular urged.

It urged military personnel to "resolutely oppose misconceptions that may confuse or disturb the reform efforts."

The military should "always be vigilant and staunch on political issues and strictly abide by discipline regarding politics, organization and secrecy."

The circular also told soldiers and officers not to comment or spread hearsay on such matters.

In a key policy document approved by the landmark Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee last year, the CPC vowed to advance reforms and strive to clear obstacles hindering the development of national defense and the army.

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