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Updated: 2014-07-29 23:26
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"While combating lawbreakers, the government should also develop the perfect mechanism to prevent such cases and better implement regulation. The 'big tiger' has been seized. It is a great warning to others who might be overstepping the line."

-- Xu Qing, 29, software designer in Guangzhou

"This is a crucial move in China's anti-corruption campaign. High-ranking officials who break the law and ignore the Party's principles to serve the public should be punished. Zhou's case is now under investigation, which proves the top policymakers' determination."

-- Zhao Dong, 34, freelance at a news magazine in Sichuan

"China had a well-known judge, Bao Zheng, in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). He stood by his principles and never gave way to power and wealth. I've seen many people in modern society praise the central government, as Bao was, for its great determination to fight corruption. This gives the public confidence and enhances trust in the government."

-- Li Sulan, 52, primary school teacher in Yunnan