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Uygur students: ‘We will stay silent no more!’

Updated: 2014-05-02 08:21
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Terrorists will be eternally punished even though they are dead because they are deeply guilty of killing innocent people.

Bad news saddens us time and time again, and this time it’s 19:10 on April 30, 2014. Our hearts started bleeding once again when innocent people were killed or maimed, and the hearts of the 79 injured were left with indelible scars.

The incident coincided with the May Day holiday when we students were out of school and buying tickets at the train station for what was supposed to be an enjoyable spring holiday. Now, alas, we are in no mood for any fun at all.

We hurt nobody, but we feel guilty; we offend nobody, yet we are anxiously watched and avoided by passers-by.

You murderers, why on earth do you do this? What on earth do you want? What have you brought upon our Uygur after all?

You shout slogans, saying you want respect and rights, but not far away from the blast you conspire is a mosque where worshippers are quietly praying.

You say you’re devout believers, but you inflict violence, terror and brutality on the innocent, regardless of their nationality, gender or age.

Are there any ancient grudges between you and these people? Where is the virtue and kindness that is supposed to be present in believers of any religion?

You say you do it for the well-being of the Uygur, but just look at what you have brought upon us! Your crimes and sins have made people be on guard against us and led to our nationality being kidnapped by violence and terrorism and branding the label of terrorism on our hometowns and even our whole region.

You have made us go through extra security checks when we travel in a foreign country and you have even made hotels and hostels in China reluctant to receive us. You criminals have burdened our nationality with endless suffering and disaster.

And again, terrorists, why do you do this? Is it really true that you will become saints and enter heaven when you kill a pagan as preached by the misled terrorists? The Quran advocates happiness in two lives, which means doing good in this life and enjoying peace in the life after. As it is written in Wisdom of Royal Glory, if you want reward in this life, then speak less and do more good deeds. However, terrorists are extremely brutal. They murder complete strangers who bear them no ill will at all. Is wielding machetes at innocent people mercy?

And again, terrorists, what is your purpose? Violent terrorists aim to create an atmosphere of terror. Most of the recent violence and terrorist attacks took place in busy and crowded areas, targeting venues and people that are likely to create sensational effects, like planes, trains, roads, residences, police, Party and government cadres, community workers, migrant workers, women, senior citizens, children, Uygur, Han, Mongolian and Hui.

Why are the criminals so bold? It’s because their purpose is to create panic among common people of all nationalities, provoke conflicts and instigate hatred.

And again, terrorists, what do you get? Do you really want to deprive others of their lives at the expense of your own? What the violent criminals get are blood-stained hands covered with sin. The Uygur man who was two days away from his wedding, the child who helplessly cried for his father, the mother who anxiously looked for her child …it all falls on them.

Violent criminals have brought nothing but trouble to the people of Xinjiang. Outsiders are starting to fear Xinjiang. Xinjiang residents and the Uygur are becoming synonymous with violence and terrorism. When travelling, Xinjiang residents are less welcome by hotels and hostles, and have to go though special security checks before boarding planes.

We stop blaming people outside Xinjiang because we come to realize that this is the “well-being” that is brought about by the violent terrorists to our nationality.

Even in foreign countries, our Uygur professors are singled out and subject to separate and multiple security checks.

The Uygur nationality has become a problem to the international community. The sins of the criminals are being paid for by innocent people of all nationalities living in Xinjiang.

A man from Xinjiang bowed deeply with tearful eyes to people around after donating blood to innocent people injured in the Kunming terrorist attack, saying that violent criminals were evil people and they didn’t represent the whole of Xinjiang people, but he still apologized for coming from Xinjiang.

What the violent terrorists get is trial by justice in their “two lives”. For each occurrence of violence, what’s waiting for the violent terrorists at the end is trial by justice. One of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad says the essence of faith is righteous acts and that Muslims are not allowed to abuse or insult even evil people. Islamic belief forbids committing suicide or intentional homicide and killing the innocent is one of the most serious felonies. The violent terrorist forces have come to a dead end and are now hated by everyone.

Violent terrorist acts and criminals will be nailed to history’s pole of shame for all eternity. Law and justice will never let any sinful criminals easily pass. Enemies of state power and peace-loving people across the world are doomed to die. Please allow us to send a warning to those who attempt to create disturbances in the name of the Uygur nationality: Please be careful and stop your doomed cause before it is too late.

We call on Uygur compatriots to stand up courageously against evil extremism and lend a hand to the ignorant youths who are about to fall prey to extremism. Let us prevent extremism and ignorance from creating violent terror and murder. Let us prevent violent terror from kidnapping the whole Uygur nationality or becoming a label of Xinjiang.

We appeal to people of all nationalities to be fully aware of the massive conspiracy of domestic and foreign hostile forces to orchestrate tragedies so as to create panic, undermine unity, divide society and split the country. We have to keep our eyes open and be determined not to let the enemies’ conspiracy succeed or fall into their trap.

The enemies fear that we unite, which speaks for the power of unity. The more the enemies want to destroy our unity, the more we must keep united. We must unite. All nationalities must unite against terrorism.

We can stay silent no longer and we will remain silent no more. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder and deliver a blow to violent terrorists.

The article was written by eleven Uygur university students at 5:13 am on May 1, 2014. They are Abudrixit and Kurban from North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power; Mardan and Hurxidan from Xinjiang University; Marlisa from Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Ferhad from Beijing University of Chemical Technology; Airxit from Beijing Foreign Studies University; Emran from Shanghai Foreign Studies University; Yusuf from Shanghai University; Xuhlat from Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics and Sikandar from Xinjiang Medical University.