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Trending news across China, Sept 4

Updated: 2013-09-04 10:08
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Two foreigners demonstrate some saucy moves while riding the freeway in Shanghai, but clearly school bus drivers still need lessons in overcrowding. And how the scorned wives of multimillionaires take their revenge – it’s all trending across China.

Torture wife

A woman in Anhui province tortured her multimillionaire husband for three days by forcing him to drink pepper spray and eat mustard while beating him in a dispute over a divorce settlement in 2012.

The cruel-hearted wife was charged with illegal detention in March, anhuinews.com reported.

Police scenery

Trending news across China, Sept 4

A police car in Hunan province which appeared at a scenic spot in Yunnan province has been published online to see if it was a case of the private use of government vehicles.

Local official in Hunan province said the police car was used to investigate outside the province, voc.com.cn reported.

Baby fines

The National Audit Office said on Monday that it has no specific data about the country’s total social foster fees since there has been no nationwide audit in the sector in recent years.

The country’s social foster fees are paid by families who have more than one child.

Evil students

Students in a university in Wuchang, Hubei province put crushed glass to reserve seats in a library for study.

There are about 2,000 students preparing for the entrance examination for graduate study in the university every year, while only 1,000 seats are provided to them in the library, qq.com reported.

Gift of sight

A five-year-old girl from Handan, Hebei province who died after eating wild mushrooms in July has given the gift of sight to others.

Her sad father decided to donate her remains for medical research and her corneas now helped two blind people restoring their sight, Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reported.

Sex quiz

Local authorities in Sanmenxia, Henan province claim a reporter from South Reviews who accused a village official of sexually assaulting female villagers has allegedly refused to offer more information for further investigation.

The article alleged half of the children in the village were actually born to village officials, people.com.cn reported.

Love lasts

Trending news across China, Sept 4

A couple in Henan province separated for 44 years ago during the chaos caused by war have reunited. .

The 88-year-old husband and 90-year-old wife had not remarried during their separation, Modern Express reported.

Missing grad

A graduate from a high school in Changzhou, Jiangsu province complained his name was not be recorded in the school’s graduation yearbook since he failed to get good score in the college entrance examination.

The school denied discrimination and said it cannot wait for all the data as the deadline of the yearbook is at the end of July, Yangzi Evening News reported.

Scary ride

A small school bus with six seats was discovered by police carrying with 28 children, who are aged three or four years old, with no seat belts in Xinyang, Henan province on Tuesday.

The van was run by a local kindergarten and was impounded by the police, people.com.cn reported.

Lust in car

Trending news across China, Sept 4

Two foreigners making out in a taxi on a busy road in Shanghai tops today’s Baidu news search.

Joke on Microsoft, Nokia

Trending news across China, Sept 4

Microsoft’s plan to buy Nokia's handset sector generated heated discussion on the Chinese Internet too, with funny pictures like this going viral.


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