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Iron will, soft touch needed to curb violence

Updated: 2013-08-02 15:09
( Xinhua)

The Ministry of Public Security said in a statement on Thursday that police will always be vigilant against violent crimes and crimes involving guns or explosives, and they will deal with problems that impact social stability and issues that frequently give rise to complaints.

While it's important that punishments are meted out and crackdowns instituted in accordance with the law, it's more important for the government to create a harmonious social environment featuring care, tolerance and justice, where more humane and legal channels for settling disputes and airing grievances are available to the masses.

Home to the world's largest population, China remains at a stage of imbalanced development. A widening income gap and a pervasive sense of social unfairness mean conflicts are likely to arise.

Some analysts believe that the apparently common occurrence of complicated, interest-related disputes, unethical practices, social unfairness and injustice in China has led to an increase in factors that could undermine social order and stability.

Still, a good signal from the leadership is that they are more willing to listen to public grievances and tackle deep-rooted problems concerning the people.

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has reaffirmed its "mass line" campaign, urging officials and members to strengthen ties with the public and work for the people's interests and well-being.

Government officials are visiting local residents more frequently to field complaints and help people solve their problems.

The nation is also striving to narrow the income gap and establish a complete social security network covering both urban and rural citizens by 2015.

However, relevant authorities should further boost awareness of the law in grassroots communities and clear the channels for people to petition and report crime-related information.

Companies, individuals and social groups should also join the government in nurturing an understanding, tolerant and fair social environment and addressing anger before it becomes deadly.

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