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Top CPC leadership

2012-12-24 13:06

By (Xinhua)

Editor's Note:

On the occasion of five weeks after the new central leadership elected at the first Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee took office, we opened the "Top CPC Leadership" special column. Over three consecutive days, we will broadcast profiles and related photos of the seven members of the Standing Committee of the 18th CPC Central Committee Political Bureau. 

Top CPC leadership

Xi Jinping: Man of the people, statesman of vision

Xi Jinping now leads the 91-year-old CPC, the world largest political party with more than 82 million members, as it rules China, the world's second largest economy. The whole country and the world are putting their eyes on Xi: What will he do to lead the CPC to better serve the people?  >> 

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Top CPC leadership

Li Keqiang: A man who puts people first

His toughness in advancing complex reforms, as well as his social warmth and scholarly temperament have made him a major figure in China's political arena. Confident, smart and eloquent in public, Li is frank, amiable, resolute and responsible at work, according to his acquaintances. >> 

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