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Premier Li delivers keynote speech

Updated: 2013-09-12 13:43
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As a major developing country, China is ready to take up its responsibility in international affairs. As its economy expands, China will play an increasingly bigger role in international affairs. As an ancient Chinese saying goes, "A gentleman is always ready to help others attain their goals." We believe that only by helping each other can we all attain our goals. We are ready to take a more active part in international governance and do our best to provide international public goods. We are ready to share our poverty reduction experience with and offer more assistance to fellow developing countries. We will share responsibility for and make our contribution to a strong, sustainable and balanced world economy. However, China is still a developing country. Over 100 million people still live under the poverty line according to international standards. China's modernization will be a long and arduous process. The international responsibilities and obligations China undertakes must be commensurate with both the level and approach of its development.

In view of the difficulties and setbacks in the global economic recovery, members of the international community should increase coordination on macro economic policies as well as the readiness to cope with the cross-border financial risks and help speed up the reform of the global economic governance. Developing countries should have greater representation and bigger voices in international affairs so as to minimize the adverse impact of the change of macro economic policies by some countries on the entire world economy, especially on emerging market economies. All countries should open wider to other countries, take a clear-cut stand against all forms of protectionism, and work in concert to enlarge the pie of the world economy.

China will continue to encourage foreign companies to make investment and do business in China. We will create a more investment friendly environment, intensify IPR protection, and provide an environment in which all players have equal access to factors of production, market competition and legal protection while taking up social responsibilities together. Facts will continue to prove that to come and do business in China is a wise decision for multinationals to grow their business.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We live in a time of fast changes. Changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress. Reform and innovation is the running theme and spirit of the policies adopted by the Chinese government, and it is the banner that we will always hold high. I hope you, new champions of the world economy, will become indeed champions of reform and innovation in your respective areas. Over the years, the Summer Davos has played a unique role and served as an important platform for discussions on the Chinese economy. Now the new season of the Chinese economic miracle, one of better quality and higher efficiency, is unveiled, and I guarantee you even more exciting stories to come. I am sure that the Summer Davos Forum will achieve greater successes, presenting to the world new progress of the Chinese people in building a modern country, and contributing more wisdom and strength to the common prosperity of China and the world.

In conclusion, I wish this year's forum a complete success!

Thank you.

Premier Li delivers keynote speech


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