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Top 10 products China manufactures most in the world

2015-09-16 06:54

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

China is good at making many things, from shoes to mobile phones, clothes to computers, and toys to ships. Now the country has a 10-year national plan, Made in China 2025, which makes the world's second-largest economy ever more poised to move up the value chain and turn itself from a manufacturing giant into a world industrialized power.

Here we detail some products, of which China makes the most, based on a report of sina.com.cn.

Top 10 products China manufactures most in the world

A cargo ship is being built at a private shipyard on the bank of the Yangtze River in Yichang, central China's Hubei province, April 13, 2015. [Photo / IC]

No 10 Ships

China builds about 766 million tons of vessels annually, accounting for 45.1 percent of the world's total and triple the average per 1,000 people in other parts of the world each year.

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