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'Minions' conquer the Great Wall

Updated: 2015-08-31 12:58
'Minions' conquer the Great Wall

Villagers show off their kung fu skills. [Photo/CFP]

'Everybody was a kung master!'

Not only do Shaolin monks practice kung fu, people living in Ganxi village in Southwest China's Guizhou province can be seen practicing the martial arts daily while going about their everyday lives, Chinanews.com reported on Sunday.

The people living in this village belong to the Dong ethnic minority group and are mainly farmers. Their fighting skills have been carefully passed down through the generations.

Tao Guangrong, the village's Party branch secretary, has been a martial arts expert since he was a child. Almost every villager is an expert in various martial arts, including fighting with sticks and knives, Tao said.

It is worth mentioning that although the villagers here are all skilled kung fu fighters, they are less aggressive and more harmonious and morality-oriented.

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