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Comfort women: Scars have not been healed

2015-08-13 17:58

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

Comfort women: Scars have not been healed

Former Chinese "comfort woman" Zhang Xiantu rests on a traditional brick bed as her son brings her lunch in Xiyan town, Shanxi province, north China, July 18, 2015. Zhang is the only surviving former "comfort woman" of the 16 plaintiffs in Shanxi who sued the Japanese government in 1995 for abducting girls and using them as "comfort women" during World War II. According to information from China's Commission of Inquiry into the Facts of Comfort Women being Victims, which is based on her own statement during the commission's research, Zhang was abducted by Japanese soldiers aged 16 and was forced to serve as a "comfort woman" for over 20 days during the war. [Photo/Agencies]