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China has come a long way | Updated: 2017-09-26 13:43

China has come a long way

A 17-meter-tall flower basket placed in Beijing's Tian'anmen Square is open to the public on Sept 25, 2017, ahead of the National Day holiday, which begins on Oct 1. [Photo/VCG]

To be frank, I was hesitant to write an article about China's National Holiday. I attribute my apprehension to the fact that I have written several articles emphasizing the amazing achievements that China has been able to attain since the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

However, my conscience and fondness of China and its citizens would not let me skip this event without extending my sincerest congratulation to my beloved China on its National Day along with wishing the Chinese people a very Happy National Holiday with their families and friends.

Since my arrival to China in 2003, I have noticed the exceptional progress that has been made in every aspect of life of the Chinese people. Without any doubt, the world is still awed by the miraculous changes that have taken place in China during the past two decades.

On the national front, most Chinese people are fortunate enough to enjoy reasonably comfortable lifestyles. Nowadays, they can afford taking journeys to explore the wonderful world of ours.

Families are able to send their children in journeys of enlightenment to advance their education abroad.

The majority of the Chinese new generation was granted the opportunity to master foreign languages.

Opportunities for recent graduates are abundant for those who are determined to become successful in the fields of their choices.

The standard of living for most Chinese experienced an unexpected yet welcomed rise beyond the normal improvement. The number of Chinese billionaires and millionaires increased dramatically.

No one can deny the evolution of the educational system in China. Educational institutions are taking advantage of the open-to-the-world policy that was adopted by the Chinese governments since 1949, to invite experts in every domain to learn the latest advances in all fields and to share knowledge and experiences with them.

The infrastructure is vividly alive to improve the public services and utilities in all over China. One can notice the clean streets, the imaginative new structures of buildings and the effective and efficient public transportation system.

On the international front, China has become an exemplary model for other nations to emulate its rise to prominence and active role on the world stage.

Its peaceful mission of helping underdeveloped country to combat poverty and despondency earned China the world respect and admiration.

Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China admirably and diplomatically was able to establish collaborative agreements with nations in every continent from Europe to Africa to South America. China was generous enough to pledge huge funds to get rid of poverty in the near future.

The Chinese government opened its doors to invite and host conferences for the sole objective of uniting the world efforts to sustain development enough to leave sufficient resources for the next generations.

With the diminishing power of the US, the worried nations of the world are looking for a peaceful nation to lead them to harmonious coexistence and peaceful prosperity and development.

Most countries are aspiring that China will rise to the challenge and handle that tremendous responsibility.

Along its path to glory, few shadows of conflicts with China's neighbors, appeared on the horizon. The Chinese government handled them with patience and diplomacy insisting that constructive dialogue is the only peaceful means to resolve conflicts.

Through the latest escalating conflict between the US and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, China became the voice of reason in an attempt to calm both countries enough to deter them from taking drastic measures by engaging in a futile war that might lead to the demise of the human race.

Contrary to other powerful nations, China is always promoting peace and mutually beneficial collaborations with other countries that are based on respecting the sovereignty, and the right to select the ideology that will benefit its citizens, of one another.

At last, I wish to express my gratitude toward China and its generous citizens for welcoming me to be an integrated part of their glorious society.

On the National Day of the People Republic of China, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that China will continue in its successful route to prosperity and world leadership.

Finally, I invite all my expats who chose China to be their home away from home to take part in the celebration and the share the joys of the precious event with their Chinese hosts. Please, take a minute of your time to wish your Chinese friend a Happy National Holiday.

Sava Hassan is a Canadian Egyptian educator.


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